Sally Bethea Self reviewed Primos Bake Shop5 star

I love Primos cakes! Last Christmas Primos shipped Red Velvet, Italian Cream and Strawberry cakes for me to my family and friends in Kansas, Louisiana and Indiana. Great gifts and they arrived perfectly!! I highly recommend!!

Adrien Lawyer reviewed Primos Bake Shop5 star

I'm from Jackson, but now live in New Mexico. There is nothing that takes me home as much as the caramel cake my mom sends me around Christmas from Primo's. I have tried sending my dad in Memphis every kind of gourmet food that I like, and he is consistently underwhelmed! But I send him a carrot cake from Primos last year, and he was so delighted. He called it a "beautiful cake." and the staff at Primos bends over backward to help you. Mary Claire has called me personally, more than once, to make sure we get the help we need in shipping their lovely cakes in our family. Thank you Primos!

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